Field of posies

Hi all! Feel a little cheeky today, wandering out in the daytime in my underwear! Its not really underwear – it’s a romper from Posh Couture – but it makes me feel like it’s something one would wear when romping! Regardless of who wears this when and where, it *is* gorgeous.


My nails are flecked with glitter and are part of the Ethereal Luna set by Kosmetik. I’ve only displayed the look that I thought would go well with my lovely outfit, however, the rest of the colours are definitely more reminiscent of northern lights at night time for anyone wanting nails with a bit more oomph.

And my shiny bracelet! From Petit Chat, I can add symbols and letters of my choice and make this pretty thing match everything I wear. What does this mean? Well I’m not taking it off for starters!

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Outfit: :PC: Elona Vintage Deep cut romper @ Posh Couture (mesh body friendly)

Bracelet: *PC* Initials … Bracelet @ Chapter Four by Petit Chat (event item)

Nails: .kosmetik Nail Applier – Ethereal Luna @ TWE12VE by Kosmetik (event item)

Happy shopping!



I need a new ‘do! Which one is more me hmm? *makes goldfish faces* 39658963540_952e05e48141424544512_74c5feb93626595881217_ef2ccc65e3

Alli&Ali Designs are amazing!!! This is my first time blogging for them and I am definitely over the moon! Everyone who reads this blog knows about my obsession with purple – or should know – and that I really don’t like having hair that isn’t purple. It’s my thing you know? I loved the grape shade from Truth until the colours changed but I have someone else to love now. Alli&Ali Designs have a massive variety of colours and in the set with funky colours, they have several purples. SEVERAL!!!! Look above, I’m wearing pinky purple, a bluey purple and a lovely deep, dark purple and there are still more unexplored shades. Lets all be purple!

P.S. New hairs at Alli&Ali Designs are often paired with a free gift if you’re quick and for this weekend, it’s the Marilyn (top pic).

Hair – Top: A&A Marilyn Hair @ Alli&Ali Designs

Hair – Middle: A&A Skye Hair @ Alli&Ali Designs

Hair – Bottom: A&A Unicabelle Hair by Alli&Ali Designs @ Dazzle (event runs till 25th)

Happy shopping!

Darla W.


I have found nails that match my eyeshadow perfectly. Need I say more?…(no, I don’t need to say more! Thank you Kosmetik!)41343846842_6fd6199502_z

P.S. Wore this look to a Nickelback concert inworld.



Nails: .kosmetik Nail Applier – Wanderlust Blue @ Kosmetik

Makeup: AlaskaMetro

Happy shopping and have fun!

Darla W.

Are you ready for Spring?

…I feel like I am in this dress and with this hair! Sidenote – the hair is perfect for unicorn lovers. We know you’re out there…don’t deny it! The outfit and the hair are exclusives only for Dazzle’s April round, open till the 25th.



Dress: :PC: Mystical Dreams by Posh Couture @ Dazzle’s (event)

Hair: :PC: Mystical Mesh Hair by Posh Couture @ Dazzle’s (event)

Body: Maitreya Lara

Head: Mayreal Aria

Happy shopping!

Darla W.

It’s raining purrrple!


When is it never with me! But don’t worry, not everything showed today is limited to purple…there are other colours up for grabs if you happen to like something other than purple *gasp*. I want to point out that the skimpy outfit I’m wearing comes in two versions – a bright and a muted – it is not a change in colours caused by Windlight or anything like that. And there’s a tail on my hoody. How weird and cute right? I’m totally in love with the fact that there’s a tail on my top!!


Outfit: :PC: As If – Brights and Muted by Posh CoutureE/M Event (opens April 1st)

Necklace: *PC* Soleil Necklace by Petit Chat @ InspirationSL Event (runs March 17th-June 1st)

Nails: .kosmetik Nail Applier – Joyful Bloom by Kosmetik @ The Avenue Event (opens April 1st)

Hair:  Truth

Lippie: Izzie’s

Happy shopping!

Darla W.


Could it be..?

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..That I am caught with a hair colour other than purple?! Yes yes, that’s me alright rocking a casual hairstyle from Posh Couture exclusively for the E/M event running from 1-15th April with the nails as a gift for visiting. The smokey eyes with dual eyeliner comes in a variety of colours by Kosmetik, already out at the Applique event that opened on the 15th March. And as if there wasn’t enough colour in my life, Petit Chat has released a jewellery set for the summer with faceted and textured beads that look great under windlight! (Bracelet not shown).


Hair: :PC: Clueless – Signature and Variety shown by Posh Couture @ E/M Event

Accessories: *PC* Leila full set by Petit Chat @ The Chapter Four event

Eyeshadow: .kosmetik Eyeshadow Applier – Glow Vivace @ Applique

Nails: {POSH PIXELS} Fingerz & Toez – Rock Princess by Posh Couture (gift @ E/M Event)


Happy shopping!

Darla W.

Wanna mess with me?

I think not! I’m raring to go and get my tussle on in this cute little gym set and trainers by Posh Couture. Shown in pink today to match my new nails and the gems on my equally new necklace by Petit Chat and Kosmetik.


The necklace by Petit Chat comes with a beloved colour changing HUD to match just about any outfit you may have and it is featuring at the Fantasy Collective running from 10th March to 10th April.


Outfit: :PC: iPLAY (Mesh Bodies) by Posh Couture

Necklace: *PC* Rhiannon Necklace by Petit Chat at Fantasy Collective

Nails: .kosmetik Nail Applier – Crave Pink FATPACK

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Pony Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack – Dragonia

Happy shopping!

Darla W.

Sleeping Rose…

…Do roses sting if they’re sleeping?


This cute dress is mesh body friendly and comes with the matching adorable heels! It fits like a dream and comes with the ever loved colour changing HUD.


Dress and heels: :PC: Sleeping Rose by Posh Couture

Ring: From Cae

Hair: Truth

Happy shopping!

Darla W.